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6,600 Essex Residents Sign Up For Solar Essex Together. Solar Panel Installers Essex.

Over 6,600 Essex residents signed up for Solar Together Essex, a group buying scheme for solar panels and battery storage.

This is the fourth time that Essex County Council has run the scheme and the most successful to date.

By using the buying power of the group, residents can expect a competitive price compared to the open market. This year’s applicants will receive an average discount of 32% based on the average installation of 12 panels per household.

From this week, applicants will begin to receive their personalised recommendation and quotation.

There was no obligation to go ahead, and applicants had until 21 April to make a decision. If they decided to proceed, once the details are passed to the installer, then a date will be set for a technical survey.

Owing to the popularity of this year’s scheme, the closing date was extended until 21 April to allow any new applicants to join the group and benefit from the discounted rates.

Essex County Council works in partnership with independent experts iChoosr to deliver the scheme. It operates via an auction system with pre-approved suppliers bidding for the work. This year two suppliers have been appointed to cover the county.

Councillor Peter Schwier, Essex County Council’s Climate Czar said: “I’m really pleased with the response to this round of Solar Together Essex. With energy bills climbing, solar panels can be a sound investment, helping to cut future energy bills by generating your own electricity.

“As a renewable source of energy, solar energy is an ideal way to cut your carbon emissions and to contribute towards a greener, more sustainable future.”

Les Flack from St Lawrence Bay had 18 panels installed in January 2022. He said: “The process for application was really easy. Initially thinking about the tech felt a little bit overwhelming but I found the group question and answer video call really helpful. I needn’t have worried about the tech as once in place it just generates energy – easy!

“Having this system in place is a great feeling, we are reducing emissions and will hopefully recoup our costs in not many years, the energy crisis makes that ever more likely. We feel it will be a good investment. “

Sarah Mudd from Stock said: “I have just had an email from my energy supplier letting me know they are reducing my energy bill. I have already recommended the process to my sister.”

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