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Solar Is Back. Why Farmers Are Growing Energy!

Solar is back, so are energy rates of just 10p per kwh and why are Farmers ‘growing’ energy?

Ten years ago Solar took off in a big way, largely because Government feed-in-tariff

stimulated the bubble. Today there is a much more compelling reason to produce and store electricity at your home or business - the ever-rising cost.

A scheme that will delight His Majesty King Charles III’s ‘people and planet first’ mentality but will also ‘tick a few boxes’ for the recently appointed Prime Minister Truss has just been launched by The MGBP scheme is akin to post war ‘Grow More Food’ or ‘Grow for Freedom’ type slogans; replaced in 2022 by what some are now calling ‘growing energy.’ Today with renewables flooding the National Grid ESO there are new and exciting ways for us all to produce, store, use, share and make good money from storing and having the capacity to store electricity.

Just a few years ago we wouldn’t have predicted Brexit, the pandemic or the Ukraine/Russia War; we had never heard of NET ZERO and we certainly never predicted that Farmers might start ‘growing energy.’ However, with increasing levels of renewable power entering the National Grid ESO there is a growing requirement for ‘grid-balancing’ via battery-storage systems all over the country. This fast growing fast emerging energy sector was worth over 2.5 billion in 2020/21 and has created exciting opportunities for homeowners, farmers, landowners and commercial property owners.

Innovative firm has quietly launched the commercial and domestic micro-grid-balancing project (MGBP) which offers zero cost solar and battery storage systems as well as providing substantial savings on domestic and commercial energy supply prices.


solar panel installers essex
solar panel installers essex

emand for the MGBP scheme is through the roof, largely because we enable homes and businesses to secure electricity rates as low as 10p per kwh….” said Charles May Director at

The west country firm which is part funded by Cornwall Innovation, is based at The Health and Wellbeing Centre, Treliske, Truro and is actively looking for Farms, Industrial or brownfield sites all over the UK to site container sized battery packs as part of the move to strengthen the national grid infrastructure. Farmers and Landowners who move fast are securing strong cash money rental yields of £150,000+ over 10 years for simply renting a 50m2 site upon which each battery unit will be installed. Compelling stuff, especially for smaller farmers that have struggled over the last few years and for those losing out as a result of C.A.P. reforms.

Domestic homes are also benefiting from the scheme with not only zero cost solar panels and battery storage being on offer but also the benefit of electricity supply costs as low as 10p kwh fixed for ten years.

Perhaps now might be the time for you to consider growing-energy?

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